Happy February

The COVID slowdown continues. Hopefully by early summer we’ll be back to normalcy. We have booked a few gigs, including St. Patrick’s Day at O’Connor’s and a series of short sets in the chapel at Historic Allaire Village.

I decided to revamp an old KAY mandolin from the early 1950s which was sitting idly about the house. Here it is after the clean up and then after a restringing. I’m learning a few tunes on the fellow. So far it’s:

Roddy McCorley
Derry Aire
Kesh Jig
Star of the County Down
Dawning of the Day
I Tell Me Ma
Harvest Home
Boys of Bluehill
Gary Owen
The Wind that Shakes the Barley
Love Will You Marry Me
The Minsrtel Boy
Belfast Mill
She Moved Through the Fair