Spare Me, Bro!

Yep. I’m working on it. I’m certain to sell at least three copies, one each to the FBI, the SAS, and the Special Branch. The book is in its draft stage and is third in priority at the moment. Of immediate importance is my work on a novella, Ride The Crusader, followed in attention by a local history book on the Green family of Old Hunterdon County. However, I sporadically work on this tribute to my late friend, William Briggs.



Make Room for Poetry


Our teacher group from the spring 2009 poetry sessions I offered at Rider University for the National Writing Project.

My friend and colleague, Dodge poet Doughtry Long, is seated to the far left.

Recording Session

Last Saturday night Kaitlin, Chris, Andrew, and I  spent a few hours in the recording studio laying down audio tracks for the Comma Music, a Chicago-based music library company. It was fun. We recorded instrumental tunes—jigs, reels, & hornpipes. To learn more about Comma Music, visit their website.

Update March 2: The tunes we recorded for Comma Music Library are now loaded to their site. Go here and filter for Public Domain. We’re the selections directly above Mozart. If you click the top one, the rest will auto feed.